We left off the story of the quantum brain with a general description of what is it like to experience the visions. A deep unsettling feeling that can even cause nausea. This time we talk a little more about the type of things that the visions show.

Its not the case that they are easy to simple to make out, its not a clear rendering of the world. The visions are hard to keep hold of and they often come in bits over a number of experiences. It is more the sense of something rather than an actual clear memory.

This can be the people in a room. The rough layout, the feeling, and the topics of conversation. A sense of the mood often comes with the vision. This can add up to a good idea of what is going on, but specific details are patchy. Alex feels that this is perhaps because she is not yet all that good at engaging with the visions.

One particular vision was of driving through a very strange and disused military base. Alex had never been anywhere like it and didn’t know it existed. But she had a very vivid dream about the roads through the base, with the high walls and fences, and the closed of accesses. It was only later when driving in the West of England did she come across the place on the way to Lancaster. When she arrived there she instantly recognised it from the vision. Why this came to her she doesn’t know, but she was able to drive through the base and on to her destination without needing direction. Perhaps it was the unusual nature of the environment that allowed this vision to come to her months before she actually visited it.


Alex thinks that she needs to work harder on bring the visions on. There must be something about her own state that allows the visions to come through. If she can do that better then perhaps they will come more often and allow for a better pictures to be formed. As it is they can often be separated by a months. She has noticed that they often occur when she is either too hot or ill. This seems to bring visions on. Or alternatively if she is worried or anxious, then again visions might come do her, especially when she is trying to sleep. Whether or not she can learn from this to make the visions come more often remained to be seen.