January 1983 seems to have been a busy time for visits by UFOs to Wales. Files released from the National Archives around 2010 contained within them details of UFO activity which coincide with other UFO activity in Wales. Detailed in the files include two triangular-shaped objects seen drifting west over Swansea in January 1983. As one would expect the MoD’s interest doesn’t really expand beyond the normal, is it a defence risk? However this story has another aspect that is highly interest.

A drawing of a UFO similar to those seen over Wales in 1983 – from the National Archives. What is instantly noticeable about this craft is that it looks very similar to a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit (Stealth Bomber) aircraft.

UFO Crash – Llanilar near Aberystwyth

Coincident with the sightings of the triangular craft over Swansea there is also a strange story of a crashed UFO in Llanilar near Aberystwyth. Often called Europe’s Roswell, in January 1983 it is reported that a UFO crashed in the dead of night. A farmer reported that when checking his lambs early one morning he discovered a large debris field, spread out over approximately 4 fields and a wooded area. The farmer believed it was the sight of a crashed aircraft that hit the wood, damaging trees, and came down in the fields.

The farmer (Mr Evans) reported the incident to the police and soon after they were in attendance at the scene. The British Airforce were also called in to investigate and very soon an operation was in progress to remove the debris from the area. The farmer described the events as something out of a “James Bond film”. One piece of debris has was could have been some sort of identifying number or code.

The military investigators were very through and spent hours locating and removing every pice of evidence. Ultimately this included removing the wooded area in its entirety, to be sure that they managed to remove all the information. The RAF would unable to determine what the material was and where it came from.

Although most of the evidence was removed some early UFO investigators to the site were able to recover a section of a metallic sheet. Analysis of this sheet found it to be a high quality duralumin (an age hardened aluminium alloy that is used in aircraft construction). The quality of this duralumin was unusually high, particularly for the time, but interestingly it was coated in a material that was not us

The case was reported in the Jan 23rd 1983 issue of the Sunday Express, a copy of which was sent to a UFO investigator. We have been unable to locate a copy of the report, however it should be possible to retrieve from the Express Papers’ archive. There was no report of the incident in the local newspapers, however there were reports of low flying AIR Air Craft in the area.

Could it be Fake?

There are some problems with this case. The incident cannot be verified with local news papers and we have not be able to verify if any statements were provided by either the police or the RAF. We have also be unable to locate a copy of the original Sunday Express article. Only receiving a poor quality image, provided below. What is also strange about this article is that the title is all lower case. Whether it was a UFO, a fake, or simply some sort of military craft, remains unknown.

Poor quality copy of the reported Sunday Express article, impossible to read.