Here we start a strange and on going story of a women known only to us as Alex and her story of visions from the future. What is stranger about Alex is that she believes she knows how these visions arrive to her, and is seeking to enhance her abilities. We will start the story with her theory of mind.

The Quantum Brian

Alex has a compelling theory of the mind that we will attempt to explain here as concisely as possible. Alex believes that our minds are not analogue or even digital machines, but quantum machines. She believes that consciousness exists in quantum states held on the neurons of the brain. This doesn’t mean that the structure of the brain is not important, only that it is not the only important part of what is going on.

In her model of the mind, consciousness is an emergent property of the quantum states held on neurons of the brain. These quantum stores of information are in a network of entanglements that allow consciousness to not exist in a fix state on the brain, rather it is fluid, and memory and function can move between different areas of the brains structure.

How exactly this works she admits she does not know, however her evidence for this possibility is actually very simple. She cites the many examples of people suffering significant brain damage that suffer little or no loss of function, or the function is recovered. The emergent state of consciousness and function can in some cases persist even though the damage to the the structure of the brain is significant.

What then I here you say of the also numerous cases of relatively minor damage to a brain resulting in death, loss of consciousness, or function? This can also be explained, here a small perturbation to the complex system has resulted in the loss of the emergent properties of the quantum brain. Resulting in perhaps inexplicable loss of function. Thus with this model we have the start for a theory of why brain are both fragile and resilient in different contexts.


Alex’s explanation for why this model of the brain allows for visions of the future, or visions of the past, is also relatively simple. Quantum entanglement is a known and understood phenomena, and it is where the state of one particle can become linked to that of another. If one is changed so to the other changes. If we except Alex’s model of the brain, as an emergent property of quantum states, then we only then need to allow those states to become entangled through time (with past and future version of the same mind or others) and we can see how information can travel through time. You are not seeing through time, you are simply linked through time.

How Do this Visions Manifest?

The exact history and nature of these visions, and Alex’s work to enhance her abilities and understand them is a story that is unfolding and we will revisit. However, the visions or glimpses arrive often in dreams or profound experiences of deja vu. This dreams and experiences are not common, and they are different in nature. They come un-looked for, and are often accompanied by a deep and visceral sense of unease. One occupies the whole body, and may also cause her to feel nauseous. This is not a pleasant or natural feeling. Perhaps this not surprising and thoughts and senses of other times are shifting through time and space.

We will leave this story here for now. In the next post on Alex’s story we will look into her past and see where this started and how she experiences time.