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Alex – Visions from the Quantum Brain – P2

We left off the story of the quantum brain with a general description of what is it like to experience the visions. A deep unsettling feeling that can even cause nausea. This time we talk a little more about the… Continue Reading →

The Problem with Bigfoot (Sasquatch) in the UK

The existence of Bigfoot (Sasquatch) in North America remains definitively unproven to this day. There is plentiful circumstantial evidence, some more compelling than others, however definitive proof remains elusive. This is problematic for a number of reasons. One could make… Continue Reading →

Billy Meier

I came across today a documentary about Swiss UFO activity and who should feature but Billy Meier. Billy Meier is a alleged hoaxer and also in my opinion all the crap he spouts about predicting terrorism is drivel. You might… Continue Reading →

Lights in the Sky Northern UK

We were sent some footage of lights in the sky filmed over northern UK. These seem to be largely explainable by lights on a hill side. However there is one light that is off the ground that looks a little… Continue Reading →

Welsh UFO Crash and Sightings – Swansea & Llanilar near Aberystwyth

January 1983 seems to have been a busy time for visits by UFOs to Wales. Files released from the National Archives around 2010 contained within them details of UFO activity which coincide with other UFO activity in Wales. Detailed in… Continue Reading →

Why There Aren’t Bigfoot in the UK/Britain.

Here we remain open to the, admittedly remote, possibility that there exists Bigfoot like creatures somewhere in the world they aren’t going to be in the UK. The reason is simple. We would have found them, or they would have… Continue Reading →

Alex – Visions from the Quantum Brain

Here we start a strange and on going story of a women known only to us as Alex and her story of visions from the future. What is stranger about Alex is that she believes she knows how these visions… Continue Reading →

Hopkinsville Goblins Case

Another case from the history books is the Kelly-Hopkinvillie encounter. This is a claimed close encounter, with what many think are extraterrestrial beings, in 1955. Many researchers regard the case as one of the most significant and well-documented UFO incidents… Continue Reading →

Westall UFO Mystery

Its not all that often we hear about a mass UFO sighting from Australia, and one of the reasons we haven’t heard about this one is that it has been systemically suppressed. Perhaps by the Royal Australian Air Force, or… Continue Reading →


Not to be outdone by the USA the UK has UFO research associations of it’s own. BUFORA, founded in 1962, is perhaps one of the larger organisations (British UFO Research Association). BUFORA committed to published the majority of its publication… Continue Reading →

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